This project is currently still being developed. This page may be live from time to time for testing, but there may be glitches and performance issues. The server will go down and restart at random times without warning. If you would like to help with the project or have feedback please contact me or report a problem on Github.

Select US sm64 (z64) ROM File from your computer

This project uses the textures and other game assets from the original game. Due to copyright issues, I cannot host those assets on this site. Please select a sm64 ROM to extract those assets before you can play.


    Bob-omb Battlefield Anniversary by eros71
    Snow Mountain DX by eros71
    Bob-omb Peaceful-Field by eros71
    Mario Filled Field by Belgium
    SM64JS File Select Remix by Subject to Change
    Beware the Forest Mushrooms SM64 Remix by NH1507